The Time Has Come. Get involved.

As an associated exhibition with the 2015 Head On Photo Festival, we are excited and proud to be showcasing the talent of the Blue Mountains to photography and art lovers alike.

This exhibition isn’t just about us. It’s about our whole community. About shifting the nagging perception that the Blue Mountains are full of outdated amateurs hiding in the hills. Devoid of talent and creativity. It’s time to change that perception.

With the more creative people taking part and getting excited, the more intrigued and interested the visitors to Katoomba and the Blue Mountains will be, they will see the talent that has been hidden away.

There are numerous ways that groups of artists, photographers, and other creative professionals can be a part of the creative celebration that we are creating this May.

Are you a Blue Mountains based artist, performer, maker – creator? You can get involved in bringing Katoomba Street to life this coming May by teaming up with other like-minded creative professionals or hobbyists.

Share your artworks and creations with locals and visitors, and collaborate to take over a shop window or an entire shop for a couple of weeks in May.

Mind the Gap Blue Mountains are working with Council and store owners to bring life to the shopfronts of Katoomba and the submission process is straightforward and easy to fill out online. Get in touch with Mandy and Saskia and share your idea if you are not sure if it will fly.

Get involved and we look forward to seeing you – ‘on the street’!

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